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SBGUK Competition Team Results at BJJ247

The SBG Manchester Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition team had a great day on Sunday 7th February where they competed in both gi and no-gi tournaments at BJJ247 in Liverpool. Everybody representing the gym brought home at least one medal in some very tough divisions.

The SBGUK team also came top of the table in the team results with almost double the points of the second and third places.

Huge congratulations to all.

Team Results

1st SBGUK 118 Points

2nd Forge Martial arts 72 Points

3rd Next Generation 66 Points

3rd Fighting Fit Grappling 66 Points


Kevin Turner – White Belt

Gold – No Gi at Weight

Bronze – Gi at Weight

Dan Rooney – Blue Belt

Bronze – No Gi at Weight

Abdul Choudhury – Purple Belt

Bronze – No Gi at Weight

Gold – Gi at Weight

Jordan Desborough – Purple Belt

Silver – No Gi at Weight

Gold – No Gi Absolute

Performance of the day awards also went to

Jordan, Danny and Kevin

Also representing SBGUK were Ben Gratton, Antonio Sheldon and Curtis Morgan from SBG Rochdale



SBG Manchester BJJ Promotions August 2015 – Matt Inman Awarded BJJ Black Belt

Inman Iron Man (25)On Wednesday 26th August 2015 SBG Manchester head coach Karl Tanswell awarded Matt Inman his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt after a 2 hour iron man that saw him spar 54 opponents including white belts, 12 blue belts, 13 purple belts, 2 brown belts and three black belts, Jason Tan, Chris Coltrane and head coach Karl Tanswell.

Matt started training with SBG in 2008 and has been actively competing for the team ever since, both as a professional MMA fighter, putting together a four fight win streak on Cage Warriors and most recently winning the FCC European welterweight title and also as a BJJ competitor, taking part and winning many tournaments at all belt levels. Matt also had a number of professional boxing bouts back in 2011.

Matt has one of the highest work ethics we have ever seen at SBG and is an inspiration to his students, team mates and coaches.

Matt’s dedication , work ethic and approach are inspiring – Karl Tanswell

Coach Tanswell also awarded 4 blue belts on the night and 1 on the following morning. All of the guys have put in the necessary mat time, shown tenacity and dedication and thoroughly deserved to be awarded, what coach Tanswell describes as the most important belt.

Congratulations to Becca Heron, Javid Mirza (Javi Jav), Abdul Chowdury (Mini Abdul), David Bradford and Steven ‘Clocky T’ Hooper

The Diggins visit SBG Manchester


After traveling to the European Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships in Portugal SBG Blackbelts John and Amanda Diggings travelled to the home of Straight Blast Gym UK in Manchester , England for a week of training.

Both Amanda and John are coaches at SBGs World headquarters in Portland , Oregan and it was an honour that they were able to spend the Saturday before leaving teaching a workshop at the Manchester gym.

The session started with Coach John taking the group through some solo movement warm ups that were to be incorporated with the specific Jiu Jitsu skills later on in the day. He then went on to talk about the training method and approach they would be using in the day. Using a diagram of a tree he explained the most important part was the base or roots followed by the trunk and its relation to posture. Next came the branches which likened to the pressures required during a move and finally the fruit of the tree being the submissions, quoting


“ in the beginning everyone focuses on the fruit or the submission. The fruit comes and goes. The base and the trunk of the tree always remain and if you focus on these the submission will look after itself”

With that said, John moved on to Half guard. Initially working the correct base and grip fighting principles . Once people were comfortable isolating this he moved on to common problems presented by the opponent and how to deal with these situations. After more rounds of isolation he detailed a high percentage sweep and finished this section by adding “some fruit “ to the tree with a simple set up for the Triangle and Omoplata finish .

After a short break it was Coach Amanda’s time to take to the mat. Amanda has spent a lot of time in her early career being on bottom position against much larger training partners . During the time she has developed and honed the skills necessary to remain safe in a bad positions and be ready to capitalise on the opponents mistakes. During Amanda’s somewhat short career ( she gained her Blackbelt in a record time of five years ) she has won major Jiu Jitsu competitions (null)including medalling at European and World Championships level.

From the off it was obvious that Amanda was not only a world class competitor, she also had coaching skills to match. Firstly she worked and drilled a survival position that she has been working on with great success recently from bottom side control. From there she used this position to work on escaping back to the guard. The fine details she worked during this section were game changing to say the least and everybody on the mat improved their escape game. Not only that, they did so with less energy expenditure and improved mechanics.

This was without doubt one of the most productive workshops to be hosted at SBG Manchester recently and I would recommend training with John and Amanda Diggins whenever you get the chance. In fact, create the chance and get them in, you won’t regret it.

On behalf of SBG Manchester and Straight Blast Gym UK I would like to say a huge Thank You to the Diggins for a great week of training and we all look forward to seeing you again soon.










Matt Thornton Seminar

SBGi President Matt Thornton will be conducting a 2 day Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar at SBG Mainline, Manchester on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th December 2014.

Matt Thornton has rapidly become one of the most popular functional Martial Arts Instructors worldwide. The President and founder of SBGi, as well as a black belt in the amazing Martial Art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Matt’s skills are well known. However, it’s the radical way in which many people find their own personal style of training evolving, changing, and growing for the better, even after only spending a few days with Matt, that make his training programs so unique

Don’t miss out on your chance to train with Matt, who is not only my good friend and personal coach but one of the most widely sought-after martial arts performance coaches in the world.

This seminar is open to all levels from beginner to advanced, whether SBG gym members or not but I would like to see strong support from gym members.

Space is obviously limited so make sure you register ASAP.

Sessions and Prices

Saturday 6th

11:00am – 13:00pm
14:00pm – 16:00pm

Saturday Evening Paul Douglas and Martin Stapleton are fighting on BAMMA In Manchester. (Tickets available in the gym).

11:00am – 13:00pm
14:00pm – 16:00pm

Sunday evening we will be going out for food and drinks in Manchester after the event.

One Session: £35
Both Sessions Saturday: £50
Both Sessions Sunday: £50
Both Sessions Saturday and Sunday: £80

Payment can be made via PayPal using the email address or in the gym by cash or credit card.

You can search the event ” Matt Thornton BJJ Seminar December 2014 ” on Facebook. Any other enquirys to


20 Grappling sessions Per Week !


We currently offer up to 20 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / grappling based sessions per week to suit all levels. All of our classes are coached by Full time professional coaches .
We have sessions available early morning, daytime and evening and are delivered in a way to optimise your learning experience.