BJJ Belt Testing June 9th 2013

SBG Mainline promoted two new Purple belts and eight new blue belts over the weekend. In typical SBG tradition both new purple belts endured a grueling one hour long 25 man Iron Man. The day was particularly bittersweet for Darren Palma who received his blue belt over ten years ago at the same time as his 2nd degree black belt instructor Coach Tanswell.

Purple Belts

  • Darren Palma
  • Mikey Feely (SBG Shropshire)

Blue Belts

  • Ross Nolan
  • Dave Graham
  • Adnan Butt
  • Abdul Choudury
  • Jacek Wronka
  • Tony Riella
  • John Lackey
  • Tim Fong

Hal Starkie was also awarded his blue belt the week previous by Coach Tanswell.













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