Over Under pass counter

Coach Casey Jones shows a counter to the over under pass at SBG Mainline.

SBG Mainline Black Belt Iron Man

On Saturday 21st September 2013 Chris Coltrane and Glyn Powditch were awarded their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts by SBG Mainline head coach Karl Tanswell. ‘

They were subjected to almost two hours of rolling with over 50 participants including five black belts.

Chris Coltrane set an SBGi record by not tapping until he reached the black belts.

Click  to watch the video.

Matt Inman Awarded BJJ Brown Belt

On November 6th 2013, SBG Mainline’s Matt Inman was awarded his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt after a two hour plus, 50 man iron man.

Pro MMA fighter Inman has won his last three CageWarriors fights; two by TKO and one by heel hook submission as demonstrated numerous times during the iron man.

Check out the video below.

Black Belt Promotions at SBG

Saturday 21st September 2013 saw two more SBG Mainline members promoted to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt. In true SBG tradition, Chris Coltrane and Glyn Powditch were promoted after a grueling 1 hour 45 minute iron man. Each of the guys had to spar with well over 50 people from white belt to purple belt and also 5 black belt coaches.

SBGi President Matt Thornton had this to say:
Proud to have been there as Coach Karl Tanswell gave out two more BJJ black belts (making three he has produced so far, with Casey Jones being the first), to long timestudents Glyn Powditch and Chris Coltrane. It was one of the most impressive two hour ironmans I’ve ever seen. Both men did awesome. And I believe Chris Coltrane has made history. On a mat with well over 50 people, he didn’t tap once,until he reached the black belts. Amazing feat.
This most recent  ironman now means we have four resident BJJ back belts at SBG Mainline.
Karl Tanswell also received his second degree black belt from Matt Thornton making him the highest ranking BJJ black belt in Manchester.


Matt Thornton Seminar


Summer Offer at SBG


BJJ Belt Testing June 9th 2013

SBG Mainline promoted two new Purple belts and eight new blue belts over the weekend. In typical SBG tradition both new purple belts endured a grueling one hour long 25 man Iron Man. The day was particularly bittersweet for Darren Palma who received his blue belt over ten years ago at the same time as his 2nd degree black belt instructor Coach Tanswell.

Purple Belts

  • Darren Palma
  • Mikey Feely (SBG Shropshire)

Blue Belts

  • Ross Nolan
  • Dave Graham
  • Adnan Butt
  • Abdul Choudury
  • Jacek Wronka
  • Tony Riella
  • John Lackey
  • Tim Fong

Hal Starkie was also awarded his blue belt the week previous by Coach Tanswell.













Casey Jones Wind Gold at Finnish Open

Black Belt SBG Coach Casey Jones won gold at the Finnish open on Saturday 20th April 2013. His win cements him a place in the IBJJF World Championship’s (Mundials) taking place on 29th May – 1st June in Long Beach California.











Shane Kingston Takes Gold in Birmingham

Shane Kingston took Gold in his white belt bracket at the Birmingham Open on March 16th 2013. Congratulations to Shane from all the coaches and members of SBG Mainline.Shane Kingston with Caoches Tanswell and Jones

Jason Tan Black Belt Iron Man